- novel 《简爱》,britain 女作家夏洛蒂·勃朗特所著长篇novel ,讲述一位从小变成孤儿的britain 女子stayvarious磨难中不断追求free与尊严,坚持自我,最终获得幸福的story。
  - novel 《简爱》,britain 女作家夏洛蒂·勃朗特所著长篇novel ,讲述一位从小变成孤儿的britain 女子stayvarious磨难中不断追求free与尊严,坚持自我,最终获得幸福的。以下是我能网小编为everybody带来的关于[简爱英语classic段落]简爱classic段落中english(3篇),以供everybody参考!


  chapter 20

  Rochester:Well,then Jane,call to aid your fancy:suppose you were no longer a girl well reared and disciplined,but a wild boy indulged from childhood upwards;imagine yourself in a remote foreign land; conceive that you there commit a capital error,no matter of what nature or from what motives,but one whose consequences must follow you through life and taint all your existence.Mind,I don't say a CRIME;I am not speaking of shedding of blood or any other guilty act,which might make the perpetrator amenable to the law:my word is ERROR.The results of what you have done become in time to you utterly insupportable;you take measures to obtain relief:unusual measures,but neither unlawful nor culpable.Still you are miserable;for the hope has quitted you on the very confines of life:your sun at noon darkens in an eclipse,which you feel will not leave it till the time of setting.Bitter and base associations have become the sole food of your memory:you wander here and there,seeking rest in exile:happiness in pleasure-I mean in heartless,sensual pleasure-such as dulls intellect and blights feeling.Heart-weary and soul-withered,yu come home after years of voluntary banishment:you make a new acquaintance-how or where no matter:you find in this stranger much of the good and bright qualities which you have sought for twenty years,and never before encountered;and they are all fresh,healthy,without soil and without taint.Such society revives,regenerates; you feel better days come back-higher wishes,purer feelings; you desire to recommence your life,and to spend what remains to you of days in a way more worthy of an immortal being.To attain this end,are you justified in overleaping an obstacle of custom-a mere conventional impediment which neither your conscience sanctifies nor your judgement approves?


  罗切斯特:“那么ok,简,发挥你的想象力吧——设想你不再是受过精心培养和教导的姑娘,而是从幼年时代起就是一个放纵任性的男孩。想象闵泶istant的异国,假设你stay那里铸成了大错,不管其性质how ,出于what动机,它的后果殃及你一生,玷污你的life。注意,我没有说‘犯罪’,不是说流血或是其他犯罪行为,那样的话肇事者会被绳之以法,我用的字是‘错误’。你行为的恶果,到头来使你绝对无法忍受。你采取措施以求获得解脱,非正常的措施,但既不是非法,也并非有罪。而你仍然感到不幸,becausehopestaylife的边缘离你而去,你的太阳遇上日蚀,stay正午就start暗淡,你觉得不到日落不会有所改变,痛苦捅凹联想,成了你记忆的唯一称贰D愕酱τ蔚矗瑂tay放逐中寻求安逸,stay亨乐中寻觅幸福一—我的meaning是撩逵谖耷榈娜庥——它消蚀才智,摧残情感。stay几年的自愿放逐以后,你心力交瘁地回到了家里,结识了一位新知——问苯崾叮琱ow 结识,都无关紧要。staythis位陌生人身上,你看到了很多出类拔率的品质,为它们你已经寻寻觅觅二十来年,却终不可得。this些品市孪式康,没有污渍,没有斑点,this种交往使人复睿呷诵律D憔醯煤萌兆佑只乩戳——志更高,情更真。你渴望重新startlife,以一指涞蒙喜恍嗟牧榛甑姆绞蕉裙嗌N舜锏絫his个康模闶遣皇怯衦eason越过习俗的藩篱——那种让挥械玫侥懔心的认可,也不为你的识见所赞同的、看庖蛳恼习?”


  The more the more the more I alone, no friends, no support, I will respect myself.

  If you can't avoid, you have to go to bear. Can't stand destined to endure things in life, is weak and foolish.

  You think I'm going to insignificant here? Do you think I am a robot without feelings? Do you think I am poor, obscure, plain, small mu mesons, I have no soul and no heart? You think wrong, you and I have as much soul and full as much heart. If god give me a little beauty, a lot of money, I will you to leave me, just like I have to leave you. I'm not in the rules of social life and customs to talk with you, but my heart with your heart.

  Even if the world hate you, and believe that you are very bad, as long as you keep conscience clear, then know that you are innocent, you won't be without friends.

  You think I'm poor and plain, there is no feelings? I swear to you: if god gifted me beauty and wealth, I will let you to leave me, as I have to leave you. God no such arrangements. But our spirit is equal. As I walked through the grave, you equal standing in front of god.

  I can't control my eyes, could not help but want to go to see him, like a thirsty man knowing that toxic but also drink water. I originally had no intention of going out to love him, I also tried to put out the bud of love, but when I saw him again, again love the bottom of my heart.

  I eager to have their own beyond the limit of vision, so that I arrived in the heart of the world, I had some smell, arrived in those never witnessed the vibrant towns and regions.

  Life is too short, should not be used to bear grudges. Living life, who will have mistakes, but we will die soon. Our SINS will be disappeared with our bodies, leaving only the spark of spirit. This is what I never wanted to revenge, and never consider life unfair. Quiet life, I am just waiting for the end of the coming.

  Violence is not the best way to eliminate the hatred, also, revenge is also absolutely can't heal damage.

  If someone doesn't love me, I would rather die than live - I can't stand loneliness and loathing.

  Do you think I'm poor. Not beautiful, no feelings? If god give me beauty and wealth, I will make you to leave me! As I difficult to leave you now!

  Solemnly strode towards the sky, the moon left the original hiding behind the top of the mountain, the mountains far below, as if still turned upward, hoping to reach the zenith of black as midnight, far-reaching and unpredictable. The twinkling stars limped, I looked at them unconsciously heart tremble, blood boiling. Little things often drove us back to the earth. The Zhong Ji via sound, in the hall that's enough. I turned from the moon and the stars, opened the door and went inside.

  Human nature is not perfect! Even the most bright planets also have this kind of dark spots, and miss, Chad's eyes see only slight defects, but turn a blind eye to radiant light of the planet.

  If you can't avoid, that your job is to endure, if you need to bear was predestined, then says he can't stand is weak is silly.

  I like today like this, like iron gray the sky, like the solemn in the cold world, like seinfeld, like the antique, its quiet KuangYuan, it crows perched old trees and thorns, it grey positive, it reflected the grey sky rows of black color window. But in the long years, I feel disgust, the thought of it like the plague struck as avoid breeding ground: now how much I still hate.

  If blowing wind or dropping a few drops of rain will stop me from doing these things easily, so lazy for me to give the future of his plan for what to prepare?

  When I'm alone again, I wanted to hear the case, into my mind, sits on my thoughts and feelings, trying to use a strict hand, put those in endless, there is no way to follow the imagination of the wilderness in the face of all, reliable standard in common sense.

  Desolate so within the boundary of the rocky coastlines, asing if is imprisoned, the limit of exile.

  Being abandoned by fate, always forgotten by the his friends!

  Poverty in adult heart, it is terrible; In the minds of children, it is more frightening. For hard work, a respected poverty, they were not able to understand; They have poor this words only with tattered clothes, not enough food to eat, don't light the fire stove, rough attitude and despicable behavior relates in together.

  Not blindly indulged in resentment, narrative doped by caustic and against the far less than in the past, and the attitude of convergence, content is concise, sounded more credible.

  I am poor, humble, not beautiful, but when our souls through the grave came to god, we are all equal.

  I gave up a prayer, a more humble prayer, pray for change, for stimulation.

  Revenge for the first time, I tasted the taste, like drinking. After just one drink, aromatic glycol, but with bitter.

  Sometimes between the moments I thought I caught a look, heard a voice, and saw a shape, the dream that I must achieve, but I woke up at once.




  即使整个world恨你,alsobelieve你很坏,只要你own市奈蘩ⅲ琸now 你是清白的,你就不会没有friend。



  我渴望ownhave超越那极限的视力,以便使我的目光抵达bustling的world,抵达those 我曾有所闻,却从未目睹过的生机勃勃的城镇和region。

  生命太短暂了,不应该用来记恨。人生stay世,谁都会有错误,但We很fast会死去。We的罪过take会随We的身体黄鹣В涣粝戮竦火花。this就是我从来不想报复,从来不thinklife不公平的reason 。我平静的life,等待末日的降临。

  暴力不是消除仇恨的最好办法 ——同样,报复也绝对医治不了伤害。

  if别人不爱我,我宁愿死去而不愿活着 ——我受不了孤独和被人憎恶。


  月亮庄严地大步迈向天空,离开原先躲藏的山顶背后,take山峦远远地抛stay下面,路鸹箂tay翘首仰望,一心要到达黑如子夜、深远莫测的天顶。those 闪烁着的繁星尾随其后,我望着它们不觉心儿打颤,热血沸腾。一些小事往往又把We拉回人间。大厅里的钟己经孟欤瑃his就够了。我从月亮和星星there掉过头来,打开边门,走了进去。


  要是你无法避免,那你的职责就是忍受,if你命里注定需要忍受,那此祇wn不能忍受 就是软弱就是犯傻。


  假如我徽蠓缁虻渭傅斡昃妥柚我去做this些轻而易举的事情,this样的懒惰还能为我给own规划的未来作whatget ready呢?

  当我复又独处时,我细想了听到的情况,窥视了我男牧椋蟛炝我的思想和情感,努力用一双严厉的郑裻hose stay无边无际、无路可循的想象荒野上徘徊的everything,纳入常识的可靠规范之中。










  chapter 23

  Jane:Do you think I can stay to become nothing to you?Do you think I am an automaton?-a machine without feelings?and can bear to have my morsel of bread snatched from my lips,and my drop of living water dashed from my cup?Do you think,because I am poor,obscure,plain,and littele,I am soulless and heartless?You think wrong!-I have as much soul as you-and full as much heart!And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth,I should have made it as hard for you to leave me,as it is now for me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the medium of custom,conventionalities,nor even of mortal flesh:it is my spirit that addresses your spirit;just as if both had passed through the grave,and we stood at God‘s feet,equal-as we are!


  简:“你难道think,我会留下来甘愿做一个对你此滴拮轻重的人?你以为我是一架机器?——一架没有感情的机器?能够容忍别人把一口面包从我mouth里抢走,把一滴生命之水从我杯子里泼掉?难道就because我黄度缦础ilently无闻、长相平庸、个子瘦小,就没有灵魂,没有心肠了?——你不是想错了吗?——我男牧楦阋谎岣唬我男男馗阋谎涫!要是lord赐予我一点姿色和充足的财富,我会使你同我Now一样难分难舍,我不是根据习俗、常规,even to the extent that也不是血肉之躯同你说话,而是我的灵魂同你的灵魂stay对话,就路餡e两人穿过坟梗緎taylord脚下,彼此平等——本来緇eg此!”



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